Summer is over but we’re going out with a bang with my favorite noodles

I am a sucker for a cold noodle dish. I love noodles in general, but cold noodles have a special place in my heart! Dongchimi guksu (dongchimi=radish water kimchi, guksu=noodles) is a new favorite of mine – a chilled radish kimchi water based broth with chewy somyeon noodles and a boiled egg. It is in a word, *exquisite* (The Office reference, anybody?)

I always have dongchimi (radish water kimchi) in my fridge at all times, which you can find my new updated recipe here. It’s such a quick, easy, and fulfilling meal especially when I’m in a pinch! I’m hoping for more hot days this year because I’m not ready for Summer (and cold noodles) to leave me quite yet 🙂


Some tips from the kitchen

  • The noodle of choice for this dish is somyeon noodles, which are thin wheat noodles. They are available at any Asian grocery store or on Amazon. For a gluten-free option, try buckwheat noodles instead. RAMEN NOODLE SALAD
  • The below seasoning measurements for this dish are just recommended amounts. Add salt, sugar, and vinegar, to your taste! Make sure you are always tasting your food while preparing.


  • Dongchimi guksu is best served with grilled Korean BBQ! I love to eat this with galbi (marinated grilled short ribs).The next time you’re having a KBBQ party, whip up these cold noodles and I guarantee your guests will be blown away!


  • 2 bundles Somyeon Noodles (thin wheat noodles)

  • 3-4 Radish Matchsticks, from Dongchimi

  • 1/2 Persian Cucumber, julienne

  • 1 Egg, boiled

  • Toasted Sesame Seeds, ground, for garnish

  • Chopped Scallions, for garnish


  • 2 cups Dongchimi Broth (radish water kimchi)

  • 1 tbsp. Sugar

  • 1 tbsp. Rice Vinegar

  • Salt, to taste

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